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Progressive Training is a modified version of Periodization Training (originally developed by Eastern European countries based on strength & power) and modern approach of Pre & Post-Injury Training.



GarkoFit Founder and Fitness Expert, Dariusz Garko explains “I use Progressive Training with every one of my clients whether they are 18 or 80 years old. It is a very specific and effective way to achieve vast improvements that are recognizable and individualized. Everything from your stability, endurance, strength and power improves within 2-3 months.


That ultimately translates into a noticeably improved quality of life from posture to confidence. The additional every day benefits that come with this are injury prevention and of course a leaner and harder body. Originally this was a formula used by Eastern Block Countries, including Poland where I was formally educated. I played soccer and also joined a Weightlifting Gym. In both of these sports my coaches used a Periodization approach in training for competition in sequence Endurance - Strength - Power.



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The original formula was adapted by Americans in the ‘80s with great results!  Those great results however are based on having the knowledge and expertise to apply periodization training in a custom way not generically and not selectively.  America is very fad driven capitalizing on a population's desire for instant gratification.  GarkoFit promotes and ongoing, consistent and life long commitment.  Whether it's the latest celebrity trainer, machine, equipment, diet and so on, these are all only elements of a total program with limited and superficial effects in most cases. GarkoFit is about programming designed to meet each specific individual's needs and goals.  


A training session can include anything from the historic kettle bell to today's hottest TRX bands but the true and progressive results are all in the correct application within the correct period of an individual's pre-determined plan. Specific cardiovascular programming which maximizes fat burning and cardio conditioning should also be calculated into a program more or less again depending on the goals and current condition of a client.


Every program is custom to each client. You can't sacrifice flexibility or endurance for strength & vice versa. Improving all these elements together will help you achieve your best possible shape and also enjoy an injury free life