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Dariusz Garko grew up in Poland and began his journey and passionate commitment to physical performance at 15 years old when he was selected for a semi-professional soccer team. A year later he began incorporating weight training into his fitness practices and recognized his overall performance improvement.

The result was motivating and he continued to develop his work outs and proper eating disciplines as a lifestyle. Garko had big dreams and a great love of sport and the outdoors that he was determined to make his career. He earned his Masters degree in Sports and Recreation from Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (The Academy of Physical Education) in Kracow, Poland and not long after set his sights on America where he earned certifications from NASM & NSCA (two top organizations in the USA). Garko has been involved in training for 20 years and program design for the last 13 years.

Garko has spent the last 8 years working with private clients to improve their quality of life as well as working at NYC’s elite, private club, “The Printing House” in Greenwhich Village where he was Fitness & Programs Director for the premiere facility, improving his clients’ lives, performance and coaching other trainers. Garko, considered a top fitness and strength expert, has been featured in Men’s Health, Ceasar’s Way and as a stunt training expert on the set of the movie “Salt” with Angelina Jolie as well as a number of Health and Fitness websites.

Garko is an avid athlete himself with an addiction for board sports! A professional snowboard racer in bordercross, a surfer, kiteboarder and snowkiter….he’s an expert trainer that puts his own practices to the test regularly!

Dariusz Garko featured in NY Post

Dariusz was featured in the NY Post article “Storm Slaps Gotham”. Dariusz was kiteboarding in the Hudson River in NYC while the winds were good before he was removed by NYPD. Although he was removed he later went back and captured amazing photos of something that has never been done before. Read the Article Here

Dariusz Garko featured in Cesar’s Way

Dariusz was featured in the Cesar’s Way article “Get Fit with FIDO”. Dariusz worked with his dog and companion on a training system that involves your pets. Read the Article Here

“My first gym was a big, dark weight lifting room about 7000 sqf under the stadium seats. There was nothing but barbels & kettle bells, so you had to get creative & work hard” says Garko with a laugh. Today he combines eastern European philosophy with American fitness culture . Garko is an athlete and knows what it takes to perform beyond everyday life as an active competitor himself.

Combining knowledge of strength, functionality & body movement he blends these aspects when designing programs or training his clients. He also designs sport specific programs to enhance results of the amatuer to the professional of a particular sport. Garko enjoys training and program design for the young celebrity training for a movie role to the over 60 female with two knee replacements who places 4th in the world as a power lifter in her age division! There is no physical challenge Garko won’t strive to meet with you and the harder, the better!

Dariusz’s Attributes

  • Featured in Men’s Health, Cesar’s Way, and the NY Post
  • Snowboarder / boardercross racer (2008 / 2010 USASA Nationals Finalist)
  • Kiteboarder (photographed by the NY Post)
  • Surfer with experience surfing Hawaii’s big waves
  • Semi-Professional soccer player (semi-pro)
  • Avid swimmer
  • Avid skier

Dariusz’s Credentials

  • Master Degree in Physical Education and Recreation (Poland, Krakow)
  • C.S.C.S.
  • National Sports and Conditioning Association
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • TRX Suspension Specialist Certification
  • KBC Kettle Bell Concepts – Level I and II Specialist
  • Corrective Training and Flexibility Specialist
  • Pre/Post Natal Certified (Annette Lang)

Dariusz’s Favorite Cardio Workout

  • Rowing intervals:
  • Warm up: light to moderate pace 5min
  • Moderate row ( 5min) increase speed every minute
  • Start intervals 30sec fast & 30sec slow 10-15sets
  • ( intensity 80-90% )
  • Total 15-25min
  • Easy pace 100m/30sec
  • Moderate pace 115-120m/30sec
  • Fast pace 125-130m/30sec
  • Very fast pace 135m >